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Online Product and Service Marketing

Marketing your products and services on the Internet can be a lot easier and more fun when you have knowledgeable help and ample support. If you're in the market for outside help, in this area of expertise, we offer the following services.

Our copywriters, working under the general supervision of our clients' marketing or general management staff, write, proofread and edit copy for web sites, brochures, print and other documents. They assist in estimating production costs, oversee work done by external suppliers, and prepare the marketing program.

Graphics Design
Our graphic designer consultants, working under the general supervision of our clients, use their knowledge of current graphic design software to produce graphic art and visual materials for promotions, advertisements, films, packaging, and informative and instructional material through a variety of media outlets such as websites, CD-ROMs, and DVDs. They generate and manipulate graphic images, animations, sound, text and video into consolidated and seamless multimedia programs. They also stay abreast of technological advances in the field of graphics design and multimedia production, and focus on identifying areas of use for new technologies in the client organizations.

Marketing Management
Our marketing management consultants, working under general supervision, develop and implement strategic marketing plans for client organizations. They stay abreast of changes in the marketing environment to best serve the objectives of the client organizations and adjust plans accordingly. They also research and develop pricing policies and recommend appropriate sales channels.

Marketing Support
Our marketing support consultants, working under the supervision of senior marketing managers, coordinate and assist with the marketing activities of products, services, or business line, which may include advertising, direct mailing, printing, customer events, and trade shows.

Our photographers, working under the general supervision of managers, create and prepare photographic images to display in a variety of published mediums. They select and assemble equipment according to subject material, anticipated conditions, and knowledge of function of various types of cameras, lenses, films, and accessories. They evaluate subjects, settings, and plan composition, camera position, and camera angle to produce the desired effects. They are proficient at using photo editing applications and use them to modify and improve images.

Web Editorial Assistant
Our web editorial assistant consultants, typically working under the immediate supervision of web content managers, rely on instructions and pre-established guidelines to collect, select and edit stories for dissemination on a website. They read copy to detect errors in spelling, punctuation and syntax, verify facts, dates and statistics using standard reference sources.