About Us

Future Media Venture Group, Inc. is an online media publishing and business consulting startup company. The business was started in the fall of 2010 by Endre Pálfi. Currently most of our efforts are being directed toward developing the company's initial line of publications while providing consulting services to generate the necessary revenues to finance the business' operations through this phase.

To see a list of our current publishing projects visit the Internet Publishing section.

In addition to our publications we offer competitively priced professional business consulting services to interested businesses. The main benefit to using our consulting services, instead of our competitors, is that we have assembled a distinguished group of educated, experienced, young, and energetic group of professionals who can provide exceptional service value in key business functional areas such as: management, marketing, accounting, finance, information technology management, software development, photography, graphics design, and multimedia production.

To find out more about the specific types of services we offer visit our Business Consulting section.